Drusilla "DRU" Synal

Drusilla "Dru" Synal


Dru became involved with the Mary S. Harrell Black Heritage Museum before it was a Museum.   She became a member of the Board of the Day Care in 1987, soon after she moved to New Smyrna Beach. After the Day Care closed and the building was abandoned and rumored to be demolished, Dru contacted the Diocese of Orlando and secured the attention of a priest who then became instrumental in saving the charming old church. Dru worked alongside Mary Harrell in preserving the building. Mary wrote and received a large grant, the diocese deeded the building to the Black Heritage Festival and, in 1999 a ceremony was held.

 Dru has been a faithful volunteer all these many years especially being the one to explain the living conditions of folks who resided in shot gun houses in the past. The shot gun house is now known as The Heritage House.

 No matter the occasion at the Museum, Dru can always be counted on to arrive early and stay late.

Dru is a graduate of Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA (1951) where she was born. Dru was married to Bill (1954-1982) a telephone Engineer, who among other accomplishments, was in charge of all telephone installations at Disney World.

 Dru has one daughter, DruAnn and two grandchildren, Brandon and Rachael.

 We are honored to highlight her as our Volunteer of the Month for her continuous dedication and resiliency.

Drusilla "DRU" Synal